Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ferrari Day 2012 at E@RTC

I'm happy to report that yes, I got the car back together, yes the cam cover does not leak (as far as I can tell), yes new plugs seem to be working out well and yes I made it to Ferrari Day 2012!

The day before E@RTC, I went for a little drive to make sure I had no leaks. The slow down light did flash on a few times but it wasn't on very much. When I got back, I pulled one of the rear bank plugs and it looked pretty clean. I'll pull it again after a few hundred miles to see what's what.

Here's part of the scene at RTC Center Court. We had about 200 cars total and 80-90 of those were Ferrari. We took up the entire center section from stop sign to stop sign. It was amazing to see a sea of Ferraris.

After the event, SL and I took a little drive and he snapped this shot out his side mirror. What a great day for a drive. The best (and strangest) part is that the slow down light did not come on at all. Not even once. At one point, I even pulled off the road and turned off the ignition, just to have the slow down system go through it's power-on test to make sure the light was still working. I expected to see that light though some spirited driving but the light stayed off. I'm not going to make any declarations yet but rather I'll just keep an eye on it.